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The Futures of Transhumanism and Inclusivity

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This is a Major Research Project exploring the possible futures of transhumanism, healthcare policy, and biomedical innovation.

This project looks 15 years into the future to understand how the world might look in 2036. The gallery can be imagined to exist 2040.  It hosts a retrospective of works and objects found in four different possible versions of the  2030s relating to the transhumanist movement, and the experiences of people dealing with the healthcare system.

You are invited to explore the gallery, or take a guided tour. Viewers are encouraged to take pause and read about the works in each of the four scenarios, and share your own thoughts about the possible futures of the project in the comment section below. 


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It's free to be kind...
Viewers of the gallery are welcome to comment their opinions, thoughts and concerns about the work presented in the gallery. 

Self expression is welcomed when commenting, however comments containing hate speech towards any groups or individuals will be removed from the page. Anything you share will be seen by the public. By commenting you are agreeing to the Terms of Use of this website. If you do not wish to use your name to comment, you may use a pseudonym. 

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