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The Futures of
and Inclusivity

This is a Graduate Major Research Project (MRP) led by graduate student, Trevor Bell. This MRP is the final capstone project for the attainment of a Master of Design degree from OCAD University in the Strategic Foresight & Innovation Program.


How might we use planning and design to decolonize the futures of Transhumanism through the lens of healthcare policy and biomedical innovation to promote the emergence of inclusive and accessible social systems that are anti-oppressive and free of sexism, racism and classism?


This project addresses the possible futures of Transhumanism, and the cultural and societal effects those futures could represent. History has shown us that when social and political systems are not created for, and by, the people they serve, they often do not serve those people's best interests, and turn into sexist, racist and classist systems. The wishes and concerns of the people who will be integrating future biomedical devices into their bodies should inform the directions biomedical designers and engineers pursue. 

Gear Wheel
Gear Wheel

Similarly, policy makers should work closely with people seeking to improve their lives through bionic integration, so that the system is not accidentally designed to exclude people in need who are otherwise already disadvantaged, and only provides to a privileged few. This project aims to create a set of future implications which will help guide, and decolonize the future of healthcare policy, biomedical design, and the Transhumanist movement as a whole.

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